Nowadays technology has grown to a place of advancement with the much more easy facility to access anything and everything in very short of time. The quality of a translation can be defined by the quality of language that you choose to translate from one language to another without changing the actual meaning of the statement.
Human translation is one the main thread to a refined part of the translation. Translation can be done by machines but the human translation is best where the translations are done by any written documents, articles, advertisement, manual, etc. human translating involves more of human effort and knowledge of fixing suitable words according to language and the meaning of the given word or statements.
Machines differ from human translation due to lack of accurate arrangement of words when it comes to translation language to language. Quality of a translation mainly depends upon the quality of the translator. Being a translator you must have the knowledge of the languages you are going to deal and you must be clear enough to make the native language people understandable to the words you secure to reach them. If you are unable to reach a message to a non-native speaker by translating, that doesn’t qualify you to be a quality translator. Being confident, smart, knowledge, good communication and experience deal to be a quality translator.
The last most important part of a quality translation involves more experienced translators. When it comes to experience you can easily identify their quality of words used and time duration they take to finish. An experienced translator will always be very much keen to their work of transferring the correct content or message to the selected person or group of people from the original text. Due to experience, they translate a quality translation as they could think fast and arrange them comprehensive according to the audience in short time to avoid any misinterpretation.
Thus a quality of a translation is defined by the guaranteed human translation where the message is received in right form as the original. It also necessarily needs a quality and experienced translator which gives you more confidential and more accurate information as it does not involve any errors and waste our times.