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Your global expansion begins and ends with legal affairs, and legal documents play a significant role, from making your business deals official to assuring compliance with legal jurisdictions. In personal life, legal documents protect individual rights and assets through written agreements and instructions.

We, at Quadrate, understand the importance of legal documents and take extreme care in translating them. Our team of subject-matter experts and legally sworn translators will handle the services of delivering your translated documents with high precision and accuracy while maintaining the integral meaning and clarity of the source document.

Quadrate is the trusted choice of leading organizations worldwide.

Why Quadrate for your Legal Translation services?

Quadrate has been the most trusted translation services major law firms in India, the US, the UK, Europe, APAC Countries and many Middle Eastern countries. We assign you to a team of linguistic and legal experts, native of the target language, who will coordinate with you throughout the translation process. Our extensive services offer legal translation services to all legal documents such as contracts, witness statements, patent documentation, court transcripts, web compliance, copyrights, licenses, policies, and arbitration translation to name a few. Our subject-matter experts offer accurate translations incorporating precise legal jargon and terminologies in all languages.

Legally Sworn Professionals

We have legally sworn professionals from the countries of all the languages we translate, working with us to translate your legal documents, promising the highest form of accuracy and cultural appropriacy.

Desktop Publishing Services (DTP)

We maintain language authenticity with the help of our DTP specialists. Our services extend to Middle Eastern and East Asian languages with different written formats. Our DTP specialists format your legal documents in accordance with the target language’s written format. Each legal document undergoes a series of machine+human reviews to ensure accurate translation.


Your confidentiality of the content of your documents is our top priority. Every project we undertake begins with a legally bound agreement contract declaring confidentiality and security, guaranteeing comprehensive security measures taken to keep your content confidential.

Technology-driven translation

We have our very own AI translation program that self-learns with translation memory and regular updates provided by our IT Team to provide you with a more dynamic, machine-driven legal translation service with unmatched efficiency and speed. With our word recognition software, even physically written content is extracted, translated, and delivered on time with exceptional accuracy.

Our Professional Legal Document Translation Services

We strive to offer legal translation services to every known sector, and our many years of experience in these services have made it possible. Some of the sectors we cover include,

Personal Affairs

Business and Corporate

Real Estate



Government and Public Sector

Intellectual Property




Family Law


Our 5-step E-learning Translation and Localization Process – Know How We Operate

Wills and Testaments

Power of Attorney


Employment Contracts

Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs)

Lease Agreements

Mortgage Documents

Property Sale Agreements

Loan Agreements

Tax Documents

Insurance Policies

Medical Consent Forms

HIPAA Compliance Documents

Patent Applications

Court Orders

Visa Applications

Legal Translation

Frequently asked Question

What is the cost of document translation?
Document translation costs are typically calculated on a per-word basis, with rates varying depending on the target language. Additional factors influencing the total cost include required services such as formatting, the number of pages, and other specific needs.
What is a certified translation of a document?
A certified translation is a translation accompanied by a signed statement from a language service provider (LSP) affirming the translation’s accuracy and validity. This statement also includes the translator’s qualifications. Certified translations are often required for legal documents such as birth certificates, death certificates, business contracts, and other legal documents.
What does a certified translation document look like?
A certified translation document includes the translated text along with a signed certification statement. This certification, which verifies the accuracy and validity of the translation, can be provided either electronically or in hard copy form.
What standards should a language service provider have?
A reputable language service provider should hold relevant ISO certifications for quality management systems. These standards ensure high-quality service and reliability. Our certifications include:

– **ISO 9001:2015:** A general quality standard applicable to businesses of any size.
– **ISO 17100:2015:** Specifically designed for translation service providers.
– **ISO 13485:2016:** Tailored for the medical device industry.
– **ISO 18587:2017:** Pertains to translations produced using artificial intelligence (AI) tools, including machine translation (MT) and neural machine translation (NMT).
– **ISO 14971:2019:** Focuses on risk management for medical device companies.

What is a translation memory and how does it help?
A translation memory (TM) is a database that stores source content alongside its corresponding translations. TMs reduce costs by reusing previously translated word segments, ensuring consistency and quality, and speeding up the time to market. TMs are beneficial for various types of content, including technical documents, software, and website translations.
What’s the difference between sworn and certified translations?
The distinction between sworn and certified translations lies in their authorization. A sworn translation is completed by a translator recognized by a legal or government authority and bears a sworn translation stamp. In contrast, a certified translation includes a certification from a language service provider attesting to the translation’s accuracy and completeness, without requiring the translator to be sworn or legally authorized.