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Arabic Translation Services


Quadrate has the expertise to translate from any language to any language. The Arabic market is an important market for companies looking to expand their presence in the region with respect to marketing services. Quadrate provides Arabic transation services to companies. Our services include:

1. Website translation and management
2. Voice over services for advertisements
3. Technical translation services for textile, manufacturing units

Our legal management services for Arabic market include:
1. Contracts localization
2. Human resources document translation
3. Financial agreements localization and translation
4. Vendor management document localization and translation
5. Business proposal documents

Our expertise in Media and Entertainment industry concerning the Arabic language include:
1. Sub-titling services
2. Dubbing and Voice over services
3. Content localization
4. Media docket translation to Arabic

The Medical industry requires following services to

We have worked with pharmaceutical, life sciences, medical devices and healthcare companies to expand their presence in Arabian markets. We have worked on Arabian clinical trial questionnaires, CRFs, IFUs and other documents related to:
1. Medical devices technical documentation
2. Clinical trials translation
3. Patient surveys
4. Insurance forms
5. Product catalogs
6. Datasheets

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