Spanish translation services from Quadrate include website content translation, legal document translation, technical translation and voice over services. The Spanish market is an important market for companies globally looking to expand their presence in Europe and South America.
We have worked with leading players in Spanish translation services around their legal documents which include:
1. Spanish translation of contracts documents
2. Spanish translation of Financial and HR documents
3. Translation and localization of business, SOW and vendor documents

We also provide Spanish translation services to Media and Entertainment industry:
1. Sub-titling services
2. Dubbing and Voice over services
3. Content localization
4. Media docket translation to Spanish

We have worked with pharmaceutical, life sciences, medical devices and healthcare companies to expand their presence in Spanish markets.
1. Medical devices technical documentation
2. Clinical trials translation
3. Patient surveys
4. Insurance forms
5. Product catalogs
6. Datasheets

Localization for Medical Device User Interfaces

Whether your end-users utilize your medical device in a hospital setting, a private healthcare clinic, or their home, if you plan on marketing a medical device in foreign countries, you will be required to localize the UI into other languages. Translating the user...

What are the most common challenges when translating technical (TT) documents?

A misconception concerning technical translation (TT): TT is not just about terminology. The truth is that only 5-10% of the content represents specific technical terminology, while the rest is a common language. However, this common language is often absent or...

Get ISO 17100 Certified Translation Services for Your Oil and Gas Projects.

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How do you know if your translation is good? When should you review it?

Machine Translation: Machine translation has become much more sophisticated in terms of technology in the past few years and the level of accuracy in results compared to human efforts are quite impressive. But there are times when we find ourselves in a situation...

Translation and Localization Services for Automobile Industry

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