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Voice Over Services

Quadrate is the trusted choice of leading organizations worldwide.

Our Voice over services specialization

With Quadrate’s professional voice-over services, your video and audio content will speak your desired language. Our extensive services include highly trained and experienced native dubbing artists of the target language to give voice to your content that your audience can understand and relate to, through which we cover an array of media and are dominating this field.

Workforce Management Voice-over

Enhance your business across different countries by creating voiced-over media content for your workforce in their native language to inspire and fortify productivity. We translate your source video and audio files such as Trade show exhibits, Industrial videos, training programs, Product infomercials, Product demonstrations, Corporate Narration, Corporate Videos, Promotional videos, etc. to the target language and do voice-overs for your employees to tether to and follow.

Educational Voice-over

Become an international education provider by translating all your classes and teaching media materials into different languages to educate earnest students all over the world. With Quadrate, your teaching materials and classes will be translated by linguists and voiced-over by exceptional dubbing artists in any foreign language you want. We consider and ensure your intonation, tone, delivery, and the mood you want your classes to be in are appropriately met while voicing over your materials. Some of the materials we have translated include Online courses, E-learning modules, How-to-videos, Educational videos, Educational audiobooks, Tutorials, Software E-learning, etc.

Animation Video Voice-over

Expand your videos on YouTube and other learning and non-learning platforms to gain more audience by making your characters speak their native language. Animating content takes a lot of effort and they have an impressive following in all fields, especially from households with infants and toddlers. Moreover, animation videos are the most accessible to learn information faster. So, diversifying your animated content by translating the transcript and voicing it over to other foreign languages benefits both you, the creator, and your new audience across the world. Some of our previous translated works are Whiteboard Animation, Animated Movies, Children’s books, Toys talk or Cartoons, Videos and Video games, Animation series, Scripts for Animation, etc.

Corporate/Industrial Campaign Voice-overs

Advertise your products to the natives and increase your sales by creating industrial campaigns in the native languages on Radio and TV. We provide voice-over services for product-specific infomercials through Radio and TV ads to grab the local’s attention. Move forward with your commercial campaign leisurely with our localized voice-over services tailored to resonate with the natives of foreign countries. Your advertisements are translated and voiced-over by experienced professionals. We also offer suggestions to modify your adverts to incorporate culturally significant elements that are more pleasing to the locals. Our past works include Radio and TV Commercials, Infomercials, Jingles, Internet broadcasts, ad campaigns, etc.

Narration Voice-over

Your work deserves to be read and heard by people around the world, and Quadrate ensures it reaches far and wide. We offer translation and narration voice-over services at a reasonable price so you can publish your work worldwide. Become the “International Best Seller” by translating your work into foreign languages. Avail our professional narrators who voice-over and deliver your content in another language with the same level of intensity, depth, and artistic quality your narration had. We have so far worked on Audio Books, Technical Narration, Script Narration, Film Narration, Television Clip Narration, Documentary Narration, Radio Narrations, etc.

Telephonic Voice-overs

Create a highly responsive service network through our telephonic voice-over services. Every interactive response you require will be translated by our native linguists so your clients and customers can have easily accessible services. We do voice-overs for all your telephonic response needs such as Interactive voice response, Commercial telephone voice recordings and telephone greetings, telephone lines, telephone hold, telephone systems, corporate voicemail systems, voicemail greetings, telephone surveys, etc.

Voice Over Services

Frequently asked Question

What is the cost of document translation?
Document translation costs are typically calculated on a per-word basis, with rates varying depending on the target language. Additional factors influencing the total cost include required services such as formatting, the number of pages, and other specific needs.
What is a certified translation of a document?
A certified translation is a translation accompanied by a signed statement from a language service provider (LSP) affirming the translation’s accuracy and validity. This statement also includes the translator’s qualifications. Certified translations are often required for legal documents such as birth certificates, death certificates, business contracts, and other legal documents.
What does a certified translation document look like?
A certified translation document includes the translated text along with a signed certification statement. This certification, which verifies the accuracy and validity of the translation, can be provided either electronically or in hard copy form.
What standards should a language service provider have?
A reputable language service provider should hold relevant ISO certifications for quality management systems. These standards ensure high-quality service and reliability. Our certifications include:

– **ISO 9001:2015:** A general quality standard applicable to businesses of any size.
– **ISO 17100:2015:** Specifically designed for translation service providers.
– **ISO 13485:2016:** Tailored for the medical device industry.
– **ISO 18587:2017:** Pertains to translations produced using artificial intelligence (AI) tools, including machine translation (MT) and neural machine translation (NMT).
– **ISO 14971:2019:** Focuses on risk management for medical device companies.

What is a translation memory and how does it help?
A translation memory (TM) is a database that stores source content alongside its corresponding translations. TMs reduce costs by reusing previously translated word segments, ensuring consistency and quality, and speeding up the time to market. TMs are beneficial for various types of content, including technical documents, software, and website translations.
What’s the difference between sworn and certified translations?
The distinction between sworn and certified translations lies in their authorization. A sworn translation is completed by a translator recognized by a legal or government authority and bears a sworn translation stamp. In contrast, a certified translation includes a certification from a language service provider attesting to the translation’s accuracy and completeness, without requiring the translator to be sworn or legally authorized.