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Game Translation Services

Video games are one of the dominating entertainment platforms in the current generation. According to a global survey, around eight in ten internet users play at least one video game on one of the devices they possess. To meet this rising demand, and to rank over others in the market, many game production companies like you have invested heavily in translating and localizing games to target audiences.

We, at Quadrate, understand the importance of bringing the immersive experience to life, and so, we take extreme care in translating the contents of your game. Our team of story-narrative experts and scriptwriters will be your translators who will handle the services of delivering your content translated with high precision and accuracy while maintaining the integral meaning and clarity of the source.

Why Quadrate?

Reap in the profits by taking the opportunity to create gaming contents that resonate with gamers around the world. Multiply gamers’ immersive experience by localizing your game to their language. Quadrate teams you up with highly trained language experts and developers who are also fervent gamers to translate and localize your games to connect with your audience around the world. We also have in-house professional voice actors to voice over 100 languages, and connections with the best recording studios worldwide to bring your characters and avatars to life in every language.

Game translation and localization benefits and how we help

Global expansion

Tap into international markets by creating contents that appeal to the local audiences of your target country. Localizing a game can increase the number of players by attracting people who prefer their own language.

We help you localize your game product by using our local linguistic experts to translate everything, from game menus to your marketing campaigns, all in one single plan.

Content Adaptation

Stay updated on local festivals and celebrations. Modify your game to organize special events specific to regions, making the game more appealing to your target audiences.

Our team will regularly work with your branches worldwide to localize your game patches and events addressing specific regional events.

Positive Feedback and Loyalty

Localizing a game shows you respect the county you are selling to. Representation brings in reputation and loyalty to your brand, fostering recommendations. Witness the increase in the reach of your game.

Increased Purchase and Ad Revenue

Localized in-app purchases can increase purchasing probability, and targeted advertisements based on local language and country are now possible for online, non-premium games.

Player Retention

Online games, especially when translated and localized are said to retain more players to the game than on games of brands who haven’t invested in localization, based on our research. Gamers are more satisfied as they can follow the game plot and instructions easily, making the game more engaging.

We have our in-house programmers and game developers who can even modify the languages in the game by accessing the code. This action is strictly consent basis. We sign exclusive non-disclosure contracts before tapping into the game codes.

Competitive Advantage

Game translation and localization sets your game apart from your competitors. Your game will reach faster and garner a good name among users for their better engagement with the game and your localization efforts.

Our Quadrate research team gives you thorough data on the local crazes and expectations in a game before offering you our services to help you gain the upper hand with your competitors.

Better User Experience

When your game speaks your customers’ language, they can understand better and enjoy it more, thus retaining players in the game for longer hours. Adding cultural relevance and references to the game translation and localization makes it resonate better with your audience.

Our local linguistic experts translate scripts by incorporating culture, including various accents, cultural references, etc.

Our specialized team of voice actors from every language translation service we offer can do appropriate voiceovers that include using the right expression, speed, and appropriate dialogues to maintain the immersive experience intended in the source language.

Our game translation and localization service on multiple devices and platforms. We offer our service to every gaming platform from offline to online, consoles, PCs, Android and Apple phones, website games, social media flash games, etc. We cover every type of game from highly immersive large-scale games with massive gameplay such as GTA5, Red Road Redemption 2, and Assassin’s Creed to flash games on mobile phones and on websites.

Our Exclusive Multilingual Voice-Over Services For Game Translation And Localization

We, at Quadrate, pride ourselves in saying that we offer Multilingual voice-overservices to over 100 languages worldwide, a feature so rare in the translation industry. We have professional voice actors for all the 100 languages we do this service to. We specialize in providing your game with the best voice-over service to enhance the immersive gameplay experience. Your on-screen avatars and game characters will speak the language of your customers, with our specialized team of native voice actors, delivering the finest, most expressive, and realistic voices for all the characters without losing the original intended gaming experience. Click here to learn more about our voice-over services.

Game Translation and Translation

Frequently asked Question

What is the cost of document translation?
Document translation costs are typically calculated on a per-word basis, with rates varying depending on the target language. Additional factors influencing the total cost include required services such as formatting, the number of pages, and other specific needs.
What is a certified translation of a document?
A certified translation is a translation accompanied by a signed statement from a language service provider (LSP) affirming the translation’s accuracy and validity. This statement also includes the translator’s qualifications. Certified translations are often required for legal documents such as birth certificates, death certificates, business contracts, and other legal documents.
What does a certified translation document look like?
A certified translation document includes the translated text along with a signed certification statement. This certification, which verifies the accuracy and validity of the translation, can be provided either electronically or in hard copy form.
What standards should a language service provider have?
A reputable language service provider should hold relevant ISO certifications for quality management systems. These standards ensure high-quality service and reliability. Our certifications include:

– **ISO 9001:2015:** A general quality standard applicable to businesses of any size.
– **ISO 17100:2015:** Specifically designed for translation service providers.
– **ISO 13485:2016:** Tailored for the medical device industry.
– **ISO 18587:2017:** Pertains to translations produced using artificial intelligence (AI) tools, including machine translation (MT) and neural machine translation (NMT).
– **ISO 14971:2019:** Focuses on risk management for medical device companies.

What is a translation memory and how does it help?
A translation memory (TM) is a database that stores source content alongside its corresponding translations. TMs reduce costs by reusing previously translated word segments, ensuring consistency and quality, and speeding up the time to market. TMs are beneficial for various types of content, including technical documents, software, and website translations.
What’s the difference between sworn and certified translations?
The distinction between sworn and certified translations lies in their authorization. A sworn translation is completed by a translator recognized by a legal or government authority and bears a sworn translation stamp. In contrast, a certified translation includes a certification from a language service provider attesting to the translation’s accuracy and completeness, without requiring the translator to be sworn or legally authorized.