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Translation Services

Teach for a global audience, now in their languages

Reaching global audiences and expanding their reach has never been easier before the advent of e-learning and localization. While e-learning is a challenge for aspirants with the limitations imposed by cultures and languages across the border, when your training and development programs are translated and localized to their languages, their desire to learn becomes easy. People find content and resources more engaging to learn or work with if they are translated and localized to their language, and Quadrate helps you with just that.

Why Quadrate?

We assign you your very own e-learning translation and localization team, a team of highly proficient translators who are natives of the language you desire. Our in-house experts will meet all your e-learning translation needs, guaranteeing robustness in every work, and assuring accurate translations incorporated with your target audience’s culture.

With Quadrate, you can take a firm step on that business expansion. We make sure your exceptional resources to train your global workforce will reach them translated and localized to cultural and linguistic perfection. Translate your e-learning documents, your learning materials, your instructional videos, or even your entire digital portal to your clients’ language, localized and tailored to their culture and lifestyle with the help of our in-house, language experts from all over the world.

Wide range of language pair-ups

We have experts all around the world covering up to 120 languages including Middle Eastern languages like Arabic and Hebrew that are written from right to left. We can offer you any language combinations you desire while ensuring linguistic and cultural accuracy, something only Quadrate can do when it comes to e-learning translations and localization.

Automated services

We stay in trend with the automated services provided in the digital platform. Our own state-of-the-art fully functioning and self-evolving AI software translates using translation memory and inputted language programs and vocabulary to provide accurate e-learning translation services.

Plans that fit your budget

Based on your time and budget, we have procured three plans for you to choose from, all the while guaranteeing a more than satisfactory result with all our plans.

Raw Machine Translation Output

Our most basic offering is raw machine translation output, produced by one of our off-the-shelf solutions without any human editing.

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Light Post-Edited Machine Translations

Our second plan, the light post-edited machine translation service brings in language experts to provide minimal corrections.

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Full Post-Edited Machine Translation

Our final and most recommended service, the full post-edited machine translation service integrates AI translation with the efficiency of linguists and subject matter experts to maximize quality and accuracy.

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Quality like no other

Our 15 years of experience gives us an edge over our competitors. E-learning and localization are services we have been doing even before COVID-19, delivering translated content through CDs and physical copies and our quality has never faltered, proven by our loyal clients over the years.

Watch us work

You will be regularly updated by our Quality Assurance team (QA), and drafts of the translated documents and files will be sent to you frequently. Our QA will ensure that your e-learning resources are translated precisely without affecting the original intention and the method of execution.

Our e-learning translation services

Content Translation

We convert e-books, PDFs, PowerPoint slides, transcripts of videos, and subtitles to the desired language.

Multimedia Translation

Some of our multimedia localizing services include audio recordings (narration, voice-overs), video content (lectures, demonstrations), animations and graphics (captions, text within images), and many more.

Software Interface Translation

We localize the Learning Management System (LMS) interface, error messages and prompts, and navigation menus and buttons.

Cultural Adaptation

Our native linguistic experts incorporate cultural sensitivity while localizing examples and case studies, adapting idioms and culturally specific references, and addressing cultural nuances and educational norms

Audio – Video Incorporation

Our team of media experts works with our translation specialists to deliver the best voice-over integration possible to resonate with the local audience for all e-learning video resources.

User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) Translation and localization

We localize visual and interactive elements such as pop-ups, labels, tooltips, and other navigation buttons, and offer translated user feedback messages such as errors success confirmations, completions, and other notifications. We also localize interaction points like click heres, download, and other action points.

Our 5-step E-learning Translation and Localization Process – Know How We Operate

In-depth Analysis

Our Quality Assessment Team (QA) will contact you immediately requesting a meeting once you send us a request through our digital portal. The first meeting will connect you with the QA specialist and the lead manager of your assigned e-learning and localization team to gain insight into your e-learning and localization requirements, followed by another meeting with the entire team to discuss and agree upon the demands, concerns, and guidelines to be followed while performing the e-learning translation services. Your prerequisites will be our execution plan to deliver the expected outcome.

Delivering the finished product

The last step involves proofreading by our specialized AI and its memory tools, and by our language experts to ensure robustness before delivery. Followed by that, another meeting is arranged with the QA and the e-learning translation team. The purpose of the meeting is to give a thorough explanation of the cultural influence added to the materials, a side-by-side comparison of the source materials and the translated versions, and finally, the localization process addressed by a native for a clear understanding. Your feedback after the explanation will be considered, and the changes requested will be made. Once everything is in order, we’ll deliver your e-learning resources.

Multimedia Integration

Our media specialists and professionals such as voice-over artists will provide the recording services as per expectations. Documents will be verified by our Desktop Publishing Service (DTP) experts for accurate formatting that resonates with the natives and intended audiences. Graphic designs will also be updated based on the e-learning translation transcripts.


Once the transcripts and other e-learning translation services are completed, a multimedia team will work and localize all documents, and incorporate graphical elements to remodel the document to resemble familiar resources of the natives, making it more relatable and engaging.

Translation process

Once the prerequisites are discussed, our team of linguistic and subject experts will start working on your e-learning resources. You will be in touch with your assigned team leader who regularly updates you with the drafts to ensure the translation of consistent and accurate e-learning materials meets your requirements.

Our  expert e-learning content specialists will quickly localize and translate any e-learning content that includes

  • Training websites and modules
  • Certification and assessment programs
  • XML-based training
  • PowerPoint and multimedia presentations
  • Book Translation
  • Brochure Translation
  • Story Boarding
  • Articulate Storyline 360
  • Adobe Captivate