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Energy Sector Translation Services

The energy sector and oil and gas sector have grown more and more lucrative over the years due to their rising demands in the contemporary technological era. With the entire future dependent on these industries, as a part of this industry, it is paramount to approach international clients with accurately translated documents to resonate with your clients. Your efforts to reach and connect with your global audiences reflect your service and sincerity to them.

Quadrate is the trusted choice of leading organizations worldwide.

Quadrate for all your energy sector needs

The current trends in the energy sector prioritize renewable over non-renewable energy sources. Most organizations and governments have undertaken the eco-friendly approach to protect the environment and leave a sustainable earth for future generations. With this rising global expansion, adapt and attain a larger market by targeting clients worldwide. With Quadrate, your communication part is covered, as we offer extensive energy sector translation services with consideration of cultural preference, energy sector safety protocols, and every regulatory standards along with all technical and legal document translation works.

Our services include

Technical Document Translation

  • Manuals
  • Technical specifications
  • Power production process and diagrams
  • Safety protocols
  • Machine operation guides

Regulatory document translation

  • Compliance documents
  • Insurance reports
  • Environmental regulation reports
  • Audit reports
  • Environmental safety reports

Marketing translation

  • Posters
  • E-commerce website translation
  • Promotional materials
  • Catalogs
  • E-mail campaigns
  • Newsletters

Training material and industry regulations

  • Educational materials
  • Training manuals
  • Instructional guides
  • e-learning platforms

some of our commonly translated documents are

Technical Specifications

Safety Manuals

Environmental Impact Reports

Operation Manuals

Tender Documents

Training Materials

Research Papers

Compliance Documents

Quadrate for all your oil and gas sector translation needs

The oil and gas industry thrives especially in Middle Eastern countries and operates on a global scale, supplying their product worldwide. We offer translation pairs to Middle Eastern languages like Arabic to even East Asian languages like Hangul from Korea, or Vietnamese language. Our linguistic and Desktop Publishing service (DTP) experts provide accurate oil and gas sector translations for all documents assuring your operational efficiency, safety regulations, legal agreements, and other contents are translated with precision. We translate a multitude of oil and gas sector-related documents, and a few are mentioned below.

Our services include

Technical Document Translation

  • Equipment manuals
  • Drilling reports
  • Extract data sheets
  • Operation efficiency charts

Regulatory document translation

  • Safety regulations
  • Environmental control regulations
  • Compliance documents
  • General policy documents

Project documentation translation

  • Service contracts
  • Legal agreements
  • Tenders
  • Feasibility studies

Operational Document translation

  • Logistics
  • Maintenance manuals
  • Work permits
  • Daily function records
  • Monthy and yearly operation reports

Some of our commonly translated oil and gas sector documents include,

Drilling Reports

Equipment Manuals

Safety Regulations

Environmental Assessments

Project Contracts

Technical Datasheets

Feasibility Studies

Work Permits

Why choose Quadrate?

We offer translation services for over 150+ languages with energy sector and oil and gas sector subject matter experts in each language to offer the most comprehensive and accurate translation service in the industry. our industry, with over 15 years of experience have incorporated several methods to offer the best translations service. Quadrate also has adapted to the dominating AI trend, offering the most cost-effective and on-time translation solutions possible. Some of the special features that make us the best in the industry:

Desktop Publishing Services (DTP)

We have a team of DTP experts who are familiar with the format changes of certain languages such as Arabic, where the writings are from right to left. Our specialists, with AI assistance, will format your documents appropriately to meet the local linguistic standards.

Quality assurance (QA)

Our Quality Assurance team offers intensive quality checks throughout the process, beginning with meetings to procure your required specifications and preferences to translate tour energy sector and oil and gas sector translations. They continue to monitor and supervise the entire process with regular feedback from you and deliver the final output for verification and revision.


We begin our energy sector and oil and gas sector translation process by signing a non-disclosure form to protect your documents. Our intensive legal agreements guarantee your content’s confidentiality and security. In our 15 years of service, we have never encountered any legal dispute regarding information breaches.

AI Integration

Our latest and most sophisticated AI tool can translate all your energy sector and oil and gas sector documents with humanly impossible speed and accuracy. The tool regularly updates itself through memory translation and with the help of developers to constantly learn and adapt to any new requirements. We use our AI as the first step towards a more detailed translation done by our subject experts, thus offering you a human-AI collaboration for maximum efficiency.

Oil& Gas, Energy Translation

Frequently asked Question

What is the cost of document translation?
Document translation costs are typically calculated on a per-word basis, with rates varying depending on the target language. Additional factors influencing the total cost include required services such as formatting, the number of pages, and other specific needs.
What is a certified translation of a document?
A certified translation is a translation accompanied by a signed statement from a language service provider (LSP) affirming the translation’s accuracy and validity. This statement also includes the translator’s qualifications. Certified translations are often required for legal documents such as birth certificates, death certificates, business contracts, and other legal documents.
What does a certified translation document look like?
A certified translation document includes the translated text along with a signed certification statement. This certification, which verifies the accuracy and validity of the translation, can be provided either electronically or in hard copy form.
What standards should a language service provider have?
A reputable language service provider should hold relevant ISO certifications for quality management systems. These standards ensure high-quality service and reliability. Our certifications include:

– **ISO 9001:2015:** A general quality standard applicable to businesses of any size.
– **ISO 17100:2015:** Specifically designed for translation service providers.
– **ISO 13485:2016:** Tailored for the medical device industry.
– **ISO 18587:2017:** Pertains to translations produced using artificial intelligence (AI) tools, including machine translation (MT) and neural machine translation (NMT).
– **ISO 14971:2019:** Focuses on risk management for medical device companies.

What is a translation memory and how does it help?
A translation memory (TM) is a database that stores source content alongside its corresponding translations. TMs reduce costs by reusing previously translated word segments, ensuring consistency and quality, and speeding up the time to market. TMs are beneficial for various types of content, including technical documents, software, and website translations.
What’s the difference between sworn and certified translations?
The distinction between sworn and certified translations lies in their authorization. A sworn translation is completed by a translator recognized by a legal or government authority and bears a sworn translation stamp. In contrast, a certified translation includes a certification from a language service provider attesting to the translation’s accuracy and completeness, without requiring the translator to be sworn or legally authorized.