There are different kinds of the price paid according to the translation services recommended to that specific fields. Usually, translation services are paid to the number of words and time that
you put into to complete a page or document. There are three main streams of translation services technical translation, general translation and medical translation.
Technical translation is paid the high price where they are dealt with professional translators. They have to translate text or any subject related to technical support or aspects where only a
person who is known in that technical details can translate fluently with better accuracy. They earn high as they are highly professionals.

General translations are translations which do not need any professional action or any knowledge people to translate. These translators are a medium level of effort where they can easily translate news, articles, texts, private business, etc. They are paid a nominal amount to their work as they don’t involve much sweat to translate.

The last one is said to be medical translation where the name gives us the meaning of the work. This deals with medical, technical, clinical, training curriculum for the pharmaceutical. Only people who are professional in medical device or healthcare fields can make the job much more smooth and guaranteed. They are paid high as the works are involved with professional workers
with high knowledge and experience in their careers.
Thus the cost for translation service more depends on the experience and knowledge of the work you afford to pay more or less according to the area you choose to translate.