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Medical Device Translation

User Experience and Accessibility

Clear communication is fundamental for a positive user experience. Translating user manuals allows manufacturers to cater to a global audience, making their products accessible to individuals who may not be fluent in the device‘s original language. When users can understand how to operate and maintain the device, they are more likely to use it effectively, leading to better outcomes and patient satisfaction


"Navigating the Importance of Medical Device User Manual Translation"

In a world that’s becoming increasingly interconnected, the importance of accurate communication cannot be overstated, especially in fields as critical as healthcare. One area where precision is paramount is the translation of medical device user manuals. As medical devices are used worldwide, clear and accurate translations are not only essential for user comprehension but also for ensuring patient safety. In this article, we’ll explore the significance of medical device content translation and why it’s a matter of global importance.

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120+ Languages

We have worked with Global clients and have provided translation across 120+ languages

Certified Translators

All our translators are certified and have worked with clients across the globe on various projects related to medical, legal, multimedia, e-Commerce, brochures etc.

100% Human Translation

With the emergence of AI tools, Quadrate is very careful about translation process. A high quality translation capturing all the human elements is possible only if it’s done by a human – Quadrate follows that!

Why work with Quadrate?

Expertise across Industries

Quadrate has expertise across Industries which makes us one of the best players in the translation industry. Our years of experience across Industry understanding the complex languages has helped us being one of the top translation choice for companies across the globe.

Technical Translation
Native Translators

We don’t use Machine translation software. We have in-house and extended partners who work with us based on the project need.

15+ Years of Experience

Quadrate has worked with 300+ clients over the last 15 years translating more than 500+ million words.

Certified Linguists

Quadrate has 3500+ liquists who have worked on complex projects such as legal translation, healthcare translation, patent translation, translation services for manufacturing and pharma industries.

Security and Confidentiality

We ensure atmost care of the files shared by our customers and have implemented all the security aspects to ensure complete safety of customer data.

Our Process

Quadrate has been in the translation industry for more than 15 years and have created a stringent process that helps in timely delivery of projects without any compromise on the quality. Our step by step process is key to our Quality delivery.

Desktop Publishing Quadrate
Project Analysis and timeline

Our team works on understanding the project requirements and shares the timeline for the project

Glossary and Style Guide Creation

To understand the look and feel of the end product, our team works with the client to define the style guidelines to be followed for the project delivery.

Translation Process

Start the translation process for the document. The team will follow the style-guides and standards needed for the final delivery of the project

Review and Testing

Our QC team will do a detailed review of the document before sharing them with the customer. The translated document goes through thorough review before it’s released.


Streamlined translation process

With 15+ years of experience in translation, Quadrate has streamlined the process end-to-end.

Quick Delivery

With in-house translators and extended partners Quadrate is rightly poised to deliver high quality translation services quickly.


Our pricing is based on the complexity of the project. We follow 100% human translation, with quality process in place.

120+ Languages

You don’t have to be worried about dealing with multiple vendors for different languages. Quadrate is equipped to take care of multiple Global and Indian languages

Client Testimonials

My company had requirements to translate our educational content to five different languages. We are happy to have engaged with Quadrate to meet the requirements

Learner Circle

Our UI had to be translated to multiple languages. After evaluating many players, we finalized on Quadrate. It was a one year project and Quadrate was able to help us launch in 32 different global languages.

Leading Medical Device Company

Our training modules had to be translated in 15 different languages. There were also technical translation requirements that was fulfilled by Quadrate. Good job team!

Leading Automobile Player

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does translation cost?

The cost of translation depends on the language, whether it’s certified or not, process and time-line. Talk to us today to get a quote for your project. 

How do we meansure the size of the work?

The project size is defined based on the number of pages or words in the document.

What do you mean by Certified translator?

They are officially authorized translators who guarantees highest level of accuracy. It is bound with an official stamp.

What are standard deadlines for delivering a job?

A translator can normally translate around 2500 words a day or 7 pages. We take this as baseline to arrive at the deadlines for small and large projects. Apart from this there has to be time alloted for Quality Assurance.

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