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Website Localization Services

App Localization Services

Offering your website localization services in different foreign and regional languages is of primary importance to all business owners, especially to those who wish to cater to audiences across the globe. Your website content, App Translation and Localization, documents and all related data is translated into local languages as desired for a country or region of your choice. Website localization will help you connect with your global audience easily by communicating to them in a  language, best suited to them.

We aid you with:

  1. Content translation- Translate all your data and content files from any format EG blogs, landing pages, eBooks, case studies etc to more than 40 different foreign languages and rare languages
  2. Database translation-Translate your current database to a multilingual database, suitable for global audience.
  3. Localization design and graphic elements- We will review your website images,, colors and other design elements and translate them  to a specific target language.

We ensure effective handling of conversions desired for local conventions like currency, numbering, data formats, geographical and cultural variances.

We cater to businesses in industries ranging from Information Technology, Pharmaceutical, Automobiles, Power generation, Telecom, Events and media.

Software Localization Services

When you approach Quadrate for software localization services, we become more than a vendor to you. We work with the software firm to understand the context of the application, its functionalities, us-abilities and technical requirements.
Graphical elements:
Our team will work on localizing the Graphical elements, the design & Layout, formatting, application functionalities, the expansion & truncation. Our team will analyze the Cultural relevance and adaptation of the application for the local market.
User scenarios:
Our team will understand the end-user scenarios while developing the UI without compromising the context and functionalities of each module. Our Quality Assurance team will work across the development life-cycle to ensure that we don’t miss out on any aspect of the application. We bring in our twelve years of experience in building localized application through our tested processes to deliver a world-class application that will be an ideal one for your users in the region.
Thus, Localizing the software will create an opportunity for your business to be ready with right linguistics, cultural, and technology.
Whether it’s banking, publishing, education software, niche software product, logistics software, warehouse management software, HR, Finance, marketing, CRM software, the Quadrate team will become your extended arm to understand your Goals and achieve them

Software localization services

Mobile Application Localization Services

Mobile application

With more than half the mobile subscribers in non-English speaking countries, it has become essential for mobile application developers to localize their apps to the needs of their target market. What works well in the US would not go with Arab countries. With growing mobile app users in India, there is also need for applications in local languages. We understand the usability of the application, and we work on the translation of the texts, localize content and images, localize, do design optimization, perform research on the expressions, nuances, and habits of different audiences. We will recreate the experience delivered to your customers in your country or region and localize them for your destination market.
Quadrate’s team will work on images, content, tutorials and other data files that are part of the executable code. It will also include space requirements for the application to look apt for the audience you are targeting. Our Quality Assurance team will perform App Localization testing. Finally when we launch the app in the respective store, Quadrate will take care of App store optimization.
App Languages:
Our team has worked with application owners across the globe to localize their apps to Spanish, French, Tamil, Hindi, Telugu, Gujarati, Russian and Italian. Each of these languages requires an understanding of the contextual knowledge of the app, mobile user profile understanding, and command in the literature.

Localization Services

Quadrate Multilingual provides high-quality software localization services to businesses worldwide. Our team comprises professionally trained software localization experts who are well-versed with the latest tools and techniques for ensuring accurate and on-time deliverables. They are certified and highly skilled in various foreign and rare languages.

We serve a wide variety of industry verticals including Information Technology, Retail, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Legal, Financial, etc. for all their localization requirements.

Our localization services include:

  • App Translation – We translate any App into multiple languages targeting the audience.
  • Voice-over – Replacing the original language of the audio with a desired language.
  • Video editing – Maintaining the coordination of an audio voice-over with the video of the presentation. 
  • Website Localization – We localize any type of website into any language. 


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