Quadrate does both low-cost translation and high-cost translation as per the customer’s budget. Usually, our charges are based on the number of words/pages and time that we put into the completion of pages or documents. When it comes to translation service, it purely deals with the accuracy and linguistic knowledge of the work. This high and low cost of translation can be differentiated in many ways to know the reasons behind our wages.

Low-Cost Translation

Low-cost translation is applied when the translation works are done by the technically programmed tools (Post Editing Machine Translation) like Google, internet knowledge and other tools of technology. We don’t involve any professional translators for this work.


  • It gives you only limited evidence of the proposed explanation under the same base.
  • These translators are a medium level of effort where they can easily translate news, articles, texts, private business, etc.
  • This is easy to assess and gives a short note of results but it can’t be guaranteed with strong proofs.
  • They are paid as a nominal amount to their work as they don’t involve much sweat to translate.

High-Cost Translation

High-cost translation is paid according to the efforts of our professional translators. This does not involve any aid of tools. The cost of the Human translation is relatively high because it takes more time and research to translate each and every word accurately so that the target audience will feel the essence of the human touch. Only people who are professional in such fields and languages can make the job much more smooth and guaranteed that’s the reason we are one among the top 20 translation companies in India. It is paid high as the works are involved professional workers with high knowledge and experience in their jobs. The cost more depends on the experience, hardship, and knowledge of the work you afford to pay more or less according to the area you choose to translate.


  • No tools involved in this process
  • Each and every word will be checked before framing the sentence
  • Only highly qualified translators/linguists will be involved
  • The chances of errors will be less than 2%
  • Note: this process will take some extra time as everything has to be done manually