Both translations work for the same purpose but have its own advantages and disadvantages. Translation services many forms and styles of a method to meet its target audience. Translation has a different method of writing and Technics to approach people through the network, written forms, speech, communications, business, and televisions. Translation is never an easy process of the program as it needs more experience and also where it requires more knowledge people of languages and how to decorate the words according to its meaning.

 Machine translation is the process done by machines where the accurate meaning may differ but still gives the work done by time. Machine translation requires no human support of time and knowledge as it fully deals with the computer knowledge and network technology. In machine translation, we can expect work done in due time as it has less time to think and process and give a very quick output of knowledge to the researcher. It cannot also be relied on to be true and accurate in its meaning and gives the same message to the listener.

Human translation is done by fully human effort and understanding. This process does not include any machine help and Technics to finish these works. Human translation requires experienced, language knowledge, capacity people to work for this type of translation. Most company and business seek for human translation as it gives more valuable time to send in translating languages with proper words and meaning to give an accurate message to the audience. Human translations are in written forms as well as oral forms like speech and communication. These translations are paid more than that of machine translation, for it takes more experienced people and takes more time to deliver than on due time to the receiver.